Protect your identity online

dns4me Can hide your identity online by using our smart dns technology.

Keep your original Internet speed

dns4me doesn't affect your speed. Using our DNS/handshaking servers you can enjoy your original speed while streaming video and audio or browsing. Simply changing the DNS servers on your device, you are able to unblock most popular US and UK streaming sites.

Works on most popular OS & devices

It works on PC's and Laptops Windows, Mac and Linux, but in case if you rather use a TV than PC, dns4me works on Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku, android etc. and it is really easy to configure.

Can be used in more than one location

dns4me allows you to utilise our network in three different locations (we call them zones) a zone is defined by a public internet IP, so you can watch geo blocked content from your Home, Work, Grandma's no other provider gives this kind of access.

Custom URL overrides as well as predefined services

We allow you to override your own URL's to our servers, want google to think you’re in the UK, no problem just add a custom URL for and specify our UK server. We also have a list of predefined services that you as the user can turn on and off and configure.

Don’t have a fixed IP No problem

In our zone editor you can specify a dynamic DNS like instead of an IP address so there’s no need to keep updating when your internet drops or your ISP changes your IP.