Initial Setup Guide

dns4me Guides - Initial Setup Guide

First off Welcome to dns4me, this guide is designed to be a basic introduction to the service and its features

If you have arrived here then you’re probably wanting to get access to geo restricted media content. dns4me is a geo unblocking service, many of our services like Netflix require paid login accounts we do not provide ways to circumvent this we only allow you to access the content from a geo restricted location.

Ok let’s get started

  • First up make sure you have registered for an account with us.  If you haven’t Click Here
  • Ok now you have an account let’s make sure your zones are updated, a zone is basically an internet connection at dns4me we are generous and allow you to use our service from three different internet connections.

    We authenticate your computer on our servers by using your public IP address, if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) doesn’t provide a fixed IP there may be times (after your router restarts or gets disconnected) that you will have to update your zone to the correct IP.

    • Go to “User Console” > “IP Access Zones”
    • Here you can name your three zones and set the public IP addresses for them, if you don’t know your public IP address, simply click the “Use Current IP” button beside the zone you want to update and well find and update your IP address into that zone.  Don’t forget to click “Save”
    • An IP address change can take a few minutes to propagate so don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away.

  • Next let’s have a look at the predefined services
    • Go to “User Console” > “Services”
    • There are three main tabs “Video”, “Audio” and “Devices”, the Video and Audio tabs have services like Netflix (Video) and Pandora (Audio), the Devices tab contains device specific services e.g. Roku
    • Each service can be enabled or disabled and if available the region can be changed.

From here you just need to setup your device with our DNS servers, pick a guide on the left had side and follow the simple steps to get your device up and running.

At any point if you get stuck or are having issues you can log a support ticket using our support ticket manager.

  • Once logged onto the dns4me site go to “Support” > “Support Tickets”
  • Click “Create Ticket”
  • One of our support staff will be in contact to help resolve your issue ASAP.