Android 2.x

dns4me Guides - Android 2.x

  1. Find Settings
  2. Select Wireless and Networks
  3. Then choose Wi-Fi Settings
  4. In the Menu go to Advanced
  5. Select Use static IP
  6. Copy or write down your current IP address, which you can see directly above the IP address field
  7. Set your Gateway to the IP of your router. Normally the router address is the same of your current IP but with a 1 at the end. As an example if your IP is then your router is
  8. Set the Netmask to 
  9. Input the dns4me DNS servers: Login to see & Secondary Server Login to see
  10. Go to Menu > Save
  11. Restart your device

For Netflix and most other services to work make sure you disable location services on your device.

Dont forget to enable the services you want to use in "User Console > Services"