Advanced Setup Guide

dns4me Guides - Advanced Setup Guide

While dns4me is simple for a beginner to use we also have some great features for advanced users.

  • Custom Domains, dns4me is the only geo unblocking service that provides this feature.
    • Go to “User Console” > “Custom Domains”
    • From here you can manually add up to 20 custom domains and redirect them to any of our server locations.
    • This feature allows you to access more niche services that we might not support as a service.
  • The Custom Domains feature is only good when you know what to override so we have built in a supper handy feature called the DNS Logger.
    • Go to “User Console” > “DNS Log”
    • Click “Enable Log” (if its already enabled you will see “Disable log”)
    • Within a few minutes you should see what domains are being accessed by your devices.
    • Directly from the DNS logger you can override a domain just click “Add Override” and pick the server your want to redirect it to.
  • For the super techy we have a host file generator.
    • Using the host file generator you can generate your own unique host file eliminating the need to use our DNS servers.
    • You can also generate a unique raw host file using the "Show Raw Host file API URL" button this is url can be used to pull your host file even if you’re not authenticated on the dns4me website.