dns4me Guides - Wii

  1. Open Wii Options
  2. Select Wii Settings
  3. Go to the right and select Internet
  4. Choose Connection Settings
  5. Open the active connection
  6. Choose Change Settings
  7. Go to the right and find Auto Obtain DNS – select NO
  8. Open Advanced Settings
  9. Under DNS enter Primary DNS: Login to see and Secondary DNS: Login to see
  10. Press Confirm
  11. Press Save
  12. Press OK
  13. Wait for the test to complete
  14. Restart Wii

To be able to install Netflix on the Wii you will need to change your loaction to USA or UK, to do this go into the settings and scroll until you see Country if USA is not available pick UK.

Dont forget to enable the services you want to use in "User Console > Services"