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dns4me Guides - Service Profiles

    Service Profiles help our customers handle the issues we have with some services conflicting with other services. You may have noticed that activating many of the Australian services de-activates a number of the USA services along with a couple of the UK services and vice versa (Conflicting services show up in the Services area as being highlighted in yellow and you can see what services they conflict with by placing your cursor on that services icon).

    Service Profiles will help you manage these conflicts. This is a rudimentary way of getting around the issue and doesn’t allow for any changes to the Profiles created. If you want to add another service into a Profile, you have to create a new one and then delete the old one.

  1. Log into your Dns4me Account
  2. Go to User Console -> Services
  3. Select the services for the Profile you want to create. Note some services do not conflict with others so these can reside in many different Service Profiles without issue i.e., Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, Discovery Go, Discovery+, ITV, BBC iPlayer etc.
  4. Once all Services are selected for the Profile you want to create, go to, and hit the “Create Profile” button. Give the Profile a name i.e., for Australian services, say “Australian Channels” so you can easily identify what the Service Profile is. Now hit the Green “Save Profile” button. It may take a while to save so just wait until the screen returns to the Services Screen.
  5. Now repeat steps 3 to 4 to create any other Service Profiles you want i.e. Perhaps one for USA Channels and another one for UK Channels
  6. Now go to the Profiles Tab – near the top left of the Services Screen or go to User Console -> Service Profiles. Here you should see the Service Profiles that you have just created.
  7. To change Profiles, go to User Console -> Service Profiles and just hit the Green “Apply” button for the Profile that you want to use. Wait for a few minutes for it to kick in.